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master list of fics

Fandom- U-KISS
Pairing- Alexander/Kevin

When We Were Friends
-pg 13 fluff
“Can’t sleep, it’s too hot, Kibum has stolen all my pillows and locked me out of the room, I want to eat gummy bears. Take your pick.”

By the Light of Distant Stars
- g  fluff
“Did you know?” Xander whispers to Kevin.

Love Makes Not A Sound
- r  angst
Kevin dreams through them all, dreams and grasps, still trying his hardest to come to terms with the fact that he might never hear Xander’s voice again.

This Too, Shall Pass
- pg13 angst
love, loss and what happens after that.

How to Make the Most of Transcontinental Flights
- pg13 fluff
"'ve been reading Eat Pray Love, haven't you?

When You Know What I Know
- nc17  angst
On a bitterly cold day in the tail end of November, Xander learns a few things.

The Distance is Relative
-g  angst
It's been too long for his liking.

Fandom- TVXQ
Pairing- Jaejoong/Yunho

One Shots

Of Lion Suits and Candy
- nc-17  fluff
“Ridiculous.” he had said. “Adorable,” offered Jaejoong with a grin

4 Seconds to Forever
- nc-17  angst
Crash and burn, we both fell down but we held hands all the way

All of Us
- r  angst'
Run away with me, he had said, one clear winter night. Run away and they’ll forget us.

Early Morning, Late Night Blues
- nc-17  pwp
“Don’t stay out too late,” Yunho finally says, getting up when he’s done and Jaejoong doesn’t say thank you like how Yunho doesn’t say that what he meant was don’t let me worry so much when you’re gone.

- G  angst
Look breathe scream speak. Go under, darling and don’t remember to come up for air because right here, right now, nobody really cares.

Danse et voix
- G  angst
“From the pre-chorus and five six seven eight”

Storms and Such
- pg-13  fluff
“And you can’t sleep?”

-nc-17  angst
That all you’ve got, love?

- pg-15  angst
Fantasies don’t pay the bills.

- pg-15  fluff
Persuading a grown man to put his right leg back into his jeans is harder than it sounds and Jaejoong thinks he needs another drink or five

Post-it Love
- pg-13  angst
A hundred different places to hide your heart.

- pg-13  fluff
Good morning, sunshine

- pg-13  angst
bind your lifelines in a crooked heart

- pg-13  angst
You only want sympathy in the form of miracles.

- pg-13  angst
crave for memories you’ll be afraid to remember because Jung Yunho is leaving, leaving and not coming back

The Wonders of If orignal  / rewritten
- G  fluff
“C’mere~,” Yunho says with a smile and Jaejoong holds out his arms

Make Believe
- G  fluff
“Would you marry me?”

- pg-13  angst
Yunho stands in an empty room with familiar walls.

It's a School Thing
-pg13  crack
"Have you been a bad boy, Mr.Kim?"

-r  angst/fantasy
Shh don't tell anyone.

Hearts the Colour of Ravens
-nc17  angst
A hundred and eighty dollars an hour for the man with high cheekbones and skinny hips.

It's in the Textbook
-nc17  crack
For every question you answer correctly, I'll remove one item of clothing.

-g  angst
This is a secret that no one knows.

-r  angst
N-n-no, Jaejoong is afraid, afraid, Jaejoong is

The Best Days
-g  fluff
further than we've ever imagined

Hold Me High, Kiss Me Low
- nc17  angst
I never meant to make you stay. I just want to make you feel worse about leaving.

Summer Highs and Seaside Skies
- g  fluff
loving Yunho, it feels a little something like this:

Till You Say No More
- pg13  angst
don't hold your breath for it, baby.

Wednesday Morning
- g  fluff
we're not allowed to be this happy

-  pg13  angst
this glorious sadness, that brings me to my knees

Ways to Miss the Ground
-  pg13  action / angst
He has hair the colour of raven feathers, unruly and soft against your skin as he plays at shoving you up against the wall for show as the rest of his team comes down the steps, dragging Changmin’s body behind them.

We are Every Person
- pg13  fluff
“You have any idea how shitty it is to be cold and worried at the same time? Well I do. And it’s not too pleasant.”

- pg13  crack
Or maybe because it makes him look gayer than the rainbow fairy.

Oh Baby Cop Girl
- nc17  crack
"Says the anime character that looks like he's just stuck his pinkie into an electrical socket"

- r  angst
There are easier ways to accomplish what I'm going to do to you, just so you know.

- pg13  angst
In this little room.

In the Glow of Dimmed Out Lights
- g  angst
Break away and we are two separate entities again.

One for the Road
- g  angst
This is obviously a dream

-g  fluff
A place where no one would think to look

- pg13  angst
Yunho likes the giraffes best

- pg13  angst
The people you used to love

We Could Be Alone
-pg 13 angst/fluff
3 drabbles

-nc17  smut
There was only one person who could sneak up on him like this.

Longer stuff

Are You Game three shot (complete)

Game l Set l Match

- nc17  fluff
The bathroom door slammed shut and only when Yunho was sure the water was running did he get up to retrieve the bunch of spare keys to every door in the house

Mind Games series (WiP, discontinued)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 5 l Chapter 6 l Chapter 7 l Chapter 8

- pg-13 to nc17  fluff

“C’mon, hyung, do something other than just sit there. The night is young, you’re hot and there’s still at least half a room of beautiful people you haven’t blown off yet.”

Where the Wild Things Lie (complete)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 5 l Chapter 6 l Chapter 7 l Chapter 8 l Chapter 9

pg-13 to nc-17  faerie!fic

The train cars pass in quick succession and it’s like one of those damn magic tricks, the beanie clad man disappearing and reappering in windows, in between the passing cars. When they finally do grind to a screeching halt, he almost doesn’t dare to get in.

And Our Worlds Collide (sequel to WtWTL, complete)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 5 l Chapter 6Chapter 7

pg-13 to nc-17  faerie!fic

“It’s about your stupid human, isn’t it?”

Break(make)Out (complete)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 5 l Chapter 6 l Chapter 7

pg-13 to nc 17  prison!fic

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.”

“Bite me.”

Zephyr (Complete)

Prologue l Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 5 l Chapter 6 l Chapter 7

pg-13 to nc17  flight!fic

“You can’t make me go back.” A palm splayed on glass, gauging its thickness.

There is a Light (WiP, discontinued)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2

pg-13 to nc-17  ghost!fic

He spoons a little of the pie into his mouth. There goes the secret to world peace, disappearing into the dark fathoms of his gullet. Oh well.

It's in the Water (WiP, discontinued)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2

pg-13  ranma1/2 X dbsk

“Is he…is he trying to flip us off?”

Ready Aim Fire (complete)

Part 1  l  Part 2

nc-17  spy!fic

It's nothing like the things you see in the movies; the gadgets, the girls.

Trees Without Leaves (complete)

part 1 l part 2

pg13  ghost!fic

what it feels like to be a ghost.

Facts in Fiction (complete)

part 1 l part 2 l part 3

nc17  office!fic

Yunho, what the hell do you think you’re doing, skulking around like some goddamn secret agent?

The Many Adventures (WiP, discontinued)

part 1 l part 2 l

pg13 for now  vampire!fic

There's something that feels suspiciously like a hand on his ass.

When I Say Jump (WiP, ongoing)

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2

R  office!fic

Was no one in this godforsaken office normal?

Pairing- Jaejoong/Junsu

-pg-13  angst
And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.

Pairing- Yoochun/Junsu

-pg-15  angst
because this is here, this is now and want and a secret he knows he won’t be able to keep

-pg-15  angst
He’s there and some days, standing alone in line for a ticket for the subway, you think it’s supposed to make you feel better.

Firefly Rain
- pg-13  angst
You read to him, Poe and Tennyson, accent tinged lines of things in the dark, of love, stumbling into stanzas held loosely together with a quiet draw of breath

You, me and the rest of the world
-r  fluff
There is no dongbangshinki.

- pg-13  angst
So this is how it sounds at the end of the world

Everybody Loves Ice cream
-pg13  fluff
Junsu draws suns on the insides of Yoochun's wrists, lopsided circles and squiggly rays tickling

-g  fluff
 “There’ll be a Cassiopeian uprising. Pitchforks, Junsu, can you see the angry fans on the horizon?”

-pg13  fluff
It's really over, isn't it?

The Places We Could Be
- pg13  angst
where are you now?

The sea, the sea- A Selkie Story
- nc17  fluff & fantasy & angst
“A selkie. You know. The seals?” Junsu makes what Jaejoong presumes to be seal-like movements and Jaejoong thinks it’s better to just accept everything as it is, ask questions later when Yoochun doesn’t seem so suicidal and there isn’t a man claiming to be a mystical creature beaming up at him. 

Anything, Everything

Part 1 l Part 2

-pg 13  fluff & crack  shapeshifter!fic

“Try not to scream like a pansy, okay?"  

Cité de l'amour 
-pg 13  fluff & angst
two boys. one city. eighteen years in between.

The One Left Behind
-pg 13  angst
Yoochun doesn’t remember how it feels like to not know Junsu. Whether or not there was even a time such as before Junsu for that matter but none of that really means anything except in a dreamlike, sleepy wonder sort of way when you’re still young enough to sleep with a nightlight on.

Pairing- Yoochun/Jaejoong

- pg13  angst
Of yukatas

- pg13  angst
In which people leave

- nc17  angst
You hate yourself. You want this. You want this.

Pairing- Jaejoong/Changmin

Lie, I
- pg-13  angst
After parties and after the hazy car ride home, he leans on your shoulder in the dark, kisses the tear tracks from your skin.

-pg13  angst
Did Jaejoong ever exist?

Pairing- Yoochun/Changmin

For Every Life You've Lived
- pg13 fluff & angst
Live, love, die. Not necessarily in that order.

Pairing- TOP/Jaejoong

Push and Pull
nc17  smut
Sex with Yunho is nothing like this.

Pairing-  DBSK/Crossover

For The Price of One (Jaejoong/Kimbum & Yoochun/Woobin- BoF!verse)
- pg13  fluff
see, if you count the escape key on the keyboard to the F4 button, that’s exactly five spaces

The Best Mistakes (Yoochun/Jonghoon-FTI)
- g  fluff
Wonderful, I love new coat stands!

Character Centric

Dreams, Dreamers and Everything That Falls In Between (Yunho)
-g  gen
You're the kid standing in front of 50,000 screaming fans.

Summer (Changmin)
-g gen
A birdhouse is built


Three Truths
pg 13  angst / crack
3 drabbles involving Yoochunbyung, dancing in the shower and Jaejoong burning a leather jacket.

Variations on a Theme of Listening
- pg13  crack / fluff
3 drabbles involving pants parties, the fundamentals of economics and puppies


- g angst
Four walls, five people, a million hearts. Break them all.

Once (and again)
- g  angst
You loved, once.

Fandom- MBLAQ
Pairing- Bygunghee/Seungho

Fever Dreams
fluff  nc17
“You sound like a bad porno,” Seungho mumbles and Byunghee is laughing into his neck, shoulders shaking. 

Fandom- SHINee
Various pairings

- g  fluff
Kibum is not amused

We Could Be Alive
- g  angst
Sit. Talk to me about dying.

Care for Magical Creatures
- g  fluff
Kibum wants to make a dirty, more than lewd reference to the exploding in my pants part

On the Subject of Dancing
- pg13  fluff
You can't be serious

- g  fluff
look who's come to visit

When I Say Bang
- pg 13  angst
Jinki needs to stop screaming now.

Fandom- Prince of Tennis
Pairing- TezuFuji

note- all these are done for the 30_kisses challenge

Take a Photo, Even If It Won't Last two shot series (complete)
Snap (#7- superstar)
Shot (#2-  news;letter)

One Shots
Pre-summer (#19- perfect blue)
Bothersome Indeed (#15- red)
Trains (#3- jolt)
Play (#25- fence)

These are all one-shots from different pairings/fandoms XD

Fandom- Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing- Tamaki/Kyouya

I Hate Valentine's Day
- pg-13  crack
I shall skin him alive with a blunt potato peeler, hang him by his, hair, from a ceiling fan and turn it to full speed.

Fandom- Death Note
Pairing- Raito/Misa

Shut Up, Sit Down
- pg-13  angst
Love and want and need and everything in between

Fandom-Harry Potter
Pairing- Draco/Hermione

Colors Confused
-pg-15  angst
Leaves, leaves falling in shades of burnt red and rusty gold.

Original Work

Playlist for the Apocalypse
- g  angst
they say the world is ending

Forgetting How to Stay Awake
-g  angst
do you remember me?

The Death of Fireflies
-g  angst
faith, love and hope
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