In a better world, Jaejoong still knows Yunho’s phone number by heart. Can ghost his fingers over the numbers without even looking if he has to, but Yunho is already on speed dial so that’s just a misplaced trick of muscle memory that only comes in useful when Jaejoong is slouched against public telephones, murmuring drunken endearments into fondly exasperated ears at 4am. Yah, he’ll slur. Remember…that one time, when Chunnie

Yunho will laugh then because he does remember, he was there, you idiot, god you’re so fucking drunk just stay put and when morning breaks, soft and slow over the city, Jaejoong will wake up in a home that’s not his, but in a bed he knows just as well as his own. In the kitchen, Yunho is singing snatches of the melody to one of their older songs.

Sometimes, Yunho calls Jaejoong when he’s on break from filming whatever piece of shit drama the company has bullied him into doing this time around and there’s nothing but stone cold sobriety this time, holding up Yunho’s bone-deep tiredness that only comes with 17 hours on set. Talk to me, he’ll say and Jaejoong will know what to fill the silence with. Bad jokes he found online. Interesting snippets of news articles he came across during lunch. A stream of consciousness about how the studio they’ve gotten this time around actually has really good coffee, thank god for small miracles.

Jaejoong-ah, Yunho will sigh when Jaejoong has been talking for eleven minutes straight, and it’s funny how a name can be so full of fondness and unrepentant love, so much hidden in so little. Thanks.

Jaejoong will be smiling when he hangs up. Yunho knows this, even though he can’t see it from across the city, but it’s just one of those things that he knows in his soul. A conviction that’s as certain as gravity.

(In a better world, Jaejoong curls his fingers against Yunho’s palm and every kiss tastes like time stolen from another life.)

I suddenly had Yunjae feelings and nowhere to put them, don't mind me.

swear them to the sky

Title: swear them to the sky
Author/Artist: skylights / epithalmium & thislostcastaway (AO3/tumblr)
Rating: T+
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q
Warnings/content: Highlight to read: *religious themes, violence in latter chapters*
Medium/Word count: 44,569 words

This is a story about choices. About murder. About grief. About anger and fear and hope, and all the things we end up doing because of each.

This is a story about push and pull. About dancing around each other, quartermaster to agent, cross-continent and undercover.

But above all, this is a story about spies with dragons.

(Or to be more succinct: British nationals keep dying overseas, interesting bets are being made, and some dragons think things would be a lot simpler if a certain double-oh agent would just get together with his Quartermaster already.)


Written for 00Q Big Bang 2013

Many, many thanks and adorations to:

The amazing epithalamium and thislostcastaway (tumblr/AO3) for the lovely artwork

Lisa, Danielle and Alexis for being the most patient betas ever <3

Major themes in this fic are borrowed from Naomi Novik's amazing Temeraire series, which everyone should go and read because holy shit, dragons! Prior knowledge of anything from that AU is not required though :D

Disclaimer: Bond characters are so not mine, it's not even funny :(

Link to fic: here on AO3
Link to art: embedded into the fic body

x-posted from the 00Q Big Bang community just because I'm procrastinating on a ton of reading I need to do for uni the comm has been looking a bit lonely and okay this is the longest damn thing I've ever written so uh yes :D